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Challenge Week 2012

February 15, 2012

The clueless wonders welcome you to our blog.

Clueless wonders have a motto that simply reads:


Our members are:

Conner Stewart (Web site builder)..

Robert Selby (Assistant web site builder)..


Tony Allen (assistant web site builder)

and Ian Kiernan (Team Leader and the really clueless one in the team).

Treasure Hunt IT Challenge Week 2012.

Following are some photos from this event unfortunately Damien was not able to be with us at this time.

Here we are with the lovely Pip at Saniti.

The Student Support Centre at NMIT.

Level 2 at the NMIT library.

Royal treatment at the Prince Albert.


The first Noel (no it;s not xmas and the guy with the beard is not Santa)

Underwater at Subway.

Whitcoulls and two staff members.

Where is Irene?

Fresh choice.

The treasure hunt was interesting. Clues were fairly easy to solve for some team members and the team performed well.

Thanks to Conner for downloading the app to scan the codes.


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